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What Our Students say…

I enjoy the English class. There are good teachers teaching us. We learn a lot of English words. We speak a lot of sentences in English. Our English is getting better than before. We thank those teachers. Here so good. Welcome!


from China

I have learnt English for six months at my English class. At first I couldn’t speak English and when anyone spoke English. I also didn’t understand but I could read and write basic English.

Now I can conversation with my friend. Although I have some mistake but I change better. Thank you.

The teachers are very patient.


from China

I’m very happy with my English class. The teachers are very nice. I feel very good.

I understand more with my English.


from Mexico

I like it here, like our teacher. The teacher taught us many things in life will encounter. I thank you very much! I am also very lucky to come here to learn. I hope our teacher happy every day!


from China

My English has improved a lot by taking this ESOL Class. Teachers are great as they teaching in an exciting and friendly way.

I love to be every Wednesday to chat with teachers and friends who from different countries. I enjoy spending my times with them and this English Class.

Hermes Kim Kwan

originally from Malaysia

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