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LINK English Language Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much does it cost to attend LINK?
There are no registration fees to be a LINK student, and no textbook costs. The only cost to students is a $3 session fee. This is paid each time a student attends.
Do I have to be registered to attend LINK?
Yes. This helps check on the progress and development of our classes. It also helps us to communicate with students during the time they are registered with the class.
How do I register with LINK?
Click on the Enrolment Page and fill in the Online Enrolment Form. All the details are on this page.
What materials or resources do I need to bring with me to classes?
Students should bring writing paper, pens/markers, etc. Tutors will provide worksheets, pictures, audio-visual aides, etc.
Are there any formal tests or examinations at LINK?
No. The aim of LINK is to give students a command of English language. Students learn at their own pace without examinations or formal tests.
Does LINK run every week?
LINK runs every week within the New Zealand school term. Check term dates here.
Can I bring my friends with me?
Yes. Learning is much more enjoyable when it is done with friends. We encourage anyone thinking of joining LINK to talk to their friends and invite them to support you in this way.
Does LINK provide any other service to its students apart from ESOL training?
LINK focuses on language tuition. It does not arrange accommodation or employment placings for students. However, our teaching staff are happy to advise about where students may be able to access such services elsewhere in the community.
Is there a childcare facility on site that my children can use while I attend class?
No. Students must make their own arrangements for outside care of their pre-school children.
Can I still belong to other ESOL classes if I attend LINK?
Yes. In fact, LINK recommends that you attend other ESOL classes if it is affordable or convenient for you. The more practice you receive at English language, the quicker you will learn.

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