ESOL learning the FUN way!

English language speaking, writing, reading and listening skills

LINK English Language Christchurch
offers tuition in a friendly multi-cultural environment.

blue jigsaw iconHundreds of students have benefited from its program since LINK began in 1999. Most importantly, our learning program is designed and delivered within the context of everyday practical situations. This makes each lesson as relevant as possible to a student’s experience of New Zealand’s culture and lifestyle outside the classroom.

Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening Skills
are all covered.

LINK English Language Christchurch red iconThe emphasis is given to those areas in which students themselves desire the most attention. Our classes are for students at both beginner level and intermediate level English.

LINK English Language classes are held every Wednesday during school terms.

Our classes are generally small in number. This offers plenty of opportunity for students to benefit from the personal attention of the tutors.

Our Qualified and Passionate Tutors
are devoted to what they do.

LINK English Language Christchurch orange iconWe also have two teacher aides to support both the tutors and students during class. Learn more about our Tutors.

In addition to regular classes LINK also offers a 90 minute tutorial session in the afternoon. This covers a simple scriptural theme and is optional for students to further practise their skills.

LINK is a community service within a Christian setting and welcomes people of all faiths to attend the tutorial.

Come and Join Us!

LINK English Language Christchurch green iconThere are two highlights each term. The first is the shared lunch on the last day of term. This is an opportunity for the students to prepare ethnic foods, much to the delight of their classmates and tutors!

The second highlight of each term is an organised field trip. This is usually a place of interest or an iconic “kiwi” location where students get to put their skills into action for a few hours.


We may have the answers on our FAQ page
English Language
to KIWI culture


There is no requirement for you to formally enrol and complete a prescribed course of study. Come as you are able, or for as long as you wish to attend.

or CONTACT US @ LINK English Language Christchurch, to enquire.
Tel : (03) 358 4486

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Teachers are great as they teach in an exciting and friendly way.

from Malaysia

One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.
Frank Smith PhD

Psycholinguistics Researcher

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